International Women’s Tour


MEXICO, 11.05.2022 - 16.05.2022



    Dear and precious women! We are talking to you as the most merciful, compassionate and loving women on our planet!

    From March 7 till May 8 our mankind will witness the most important event in its history - the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune! The Earth will transmit into a new dimension! The Enlightened Teachers have great hopes for this conjunction, believing that the world expects a complete revolution - a quantum leap...

    Uniting together in prayers and shamanic rituals, we can revive our planet, families, children, animals and the natural world. We need only one thing! We need to unite together for seven shamanic rituals! Seven shamanic rituals are our salvation. Please, do help Mother Earth... It needs your help very much!

    The last time such a conjunction took place was in 1856. The end of the 19th century was characterized by great changes in different spheres of society’s life: revolutions, riots, increase in crime, secret monitoring, provocations, sanctions, epidemics, natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, avalanches).

    But if we gather together for 7 shamanic rituals, then we will experience "A BREAKTHROUGH IN TIME AND SPACE ": the world will become safer and kinder, people will unite and start to be interested in higher matters, self-development, protection of natural resources, ecology and increase of their knowledge - spiritual enlightenment, stop of coronavirus epidemic, development of economy, creative movements and musical styles, care of people. Together we can do it!


    AGARTA. This is the name of the place of Enlightened Masters from all over the world and traditions - Jesus Christ, Budda, Krishna, Zaratustra, etc. Saint Masters continue to live in Agarta and pray for humanity. Especially now, in these not so easy times when we start a new era of Aquarius. This is a new era of very huge spirituality and we need to purify and we need to prepare for this new time.

    We will unite, we will gather together with the most spiritual people in the world. And we will make this tour to the ancient, saint place Agarta to receive special message from Enlightened Masters!

    Open your heart, open your soul and hear this calling!

    DO NOT miss this important event.
    Tell the women you care of about it!
    Turn on the sign of cosmic luck in your aura!

    To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

    These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

    To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.

    We will hold seven strongest shamanic rituals
    by March 17, 2022!

    They will take place online, so that as many people as possible can unite in the ritual. The last 7th shamanic ritual will be held during the International Tour to Mexico. During this ritual we will call the helper spirits of Agartha. Let's set things right in the life of your lineage and in the world! Register and get involved with the global event of our planet!

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 1 – The ritual of "Agda", 02.02.2022 good health and protection from evil spirits and coronavirus, strengthening of immunity, improvement of musculoskeletal system and circulatory system. The spirit-helper of all white shamans will rally to your defense, and take your family under its protection. Agda's fiery swords will purify the space of your family, home, city, and country.

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 2 – The ritual "Womb of the Earth", 09.02.2022 awakening of female power in your lineage, connection with the power of the earth, restoration of the energy of the womb of your lineage, your city, your country by connecting to the womb of the Earth. It gives healing of the urogenital system, mammary glands, cellular rejuvenation, and improvement of relationships with partners, family and at work.

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 3 – The ritual "Dzayan Dzayachi", 16.02.2022 the spirit of wealth that possesses all the treasures of the world and Agartha will help you to eliminate the lineage karmic programs, programs of the city, country. You will become a guide of Dzayan Dzayachi in your lineage, your city and your country. The ritual gives healing the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, liver, intestines), improvement of the financial situation

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 4 – The ritual "Umai", 23.02.2022 the heart of goddess Umai is full of compassion and love. In this shamanic ritual you will feel the maternal love of the female goddess Umai, and direct its power to the healing of the heart of your lineage. You will be able to remove resentments and spirits of trauma at the heart level. It gives healing of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and the creation of trusting relationships in the family.

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 5 – The ritual "Ulgen", 02.03.2022 We will rush into the world of the future to Ulgen Khan, and create a common reality of a happy future for the family, lineage, city and country during this shamanic journey. Creative vision, the power of the magic voice and good words will open. The ritual gives healing of the thyroid, parathyroid gland, ligament, tonsils, glands, and hearing.

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 6 – The ritual "Tengri", 09.03.2022 One thousand eyes of Tengri look at the people of Earth, but help those who are open-hearted and follow the way of their higher predestination. Help people and God will help you! The ritual opens superpowers to help people and the lineage. It gives healing of vision, improvement of brain function and normalization of blood pressure.

    ❖ Shamanic ritual 7 – The ritual "Agartha - A Breakthrough in Time and Space" the final shamanic ritual and blessing for the shamanic journey to Agartha. Everyone who participates in all shamanic rituals by this moment will collect the 7 ancient words of the sacred scripture, which will become the key to the new world! They will experience a grand leap in their lives. You will receive a great blessing of Agartha for your lineage, and acquire a supreme spirit-helper to help you in all affairs.

    Tour Package 1.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • Object of power (1st level)

    Tour Package 2.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • 3 group rituals
    • Object of power (2nd level)

    VIP Tour Package 3.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • 3 group rituals
    • VIP ritual
    • VIP object
    • Individual assistance

    Brasil or USA doesn’t need Visa to enter to Mexico

    Bonuses and discounts:
    Special Offer: Invite a friend and get 100 dollars BONUS!

    Registration is open until 20.04.2022

    For more details and to register:
    Whatsapp/Telegram: +527352500211


      Group rituals:

      ❖ "THE GALACTIC SUN OF AGARTHA" If you have ever had a desire to have both material and spiritual wealth in harmony, it means that you have come into contact with the Sun of Agartha. This means that you are a person who has the sign of the Sun of Agartha in the area of Manipura chakra in your aura. With the help of this ceremony you will ignite this sign in your aura, and both material and spiritual wealth will come into your life. This will be in harmony. During this ceremony, the guide to Agartha will bring down on you a flow of silent knowledge of how to solve any financial issue connected with work, possessions, debts and other material difficulties, and find the balance of the spiritual and material. The Sun of Agartha burns the karmic signs of failure and loss in the aura. The Sun of Agartha transforms the person himself into a good luck charm in the aura. You will bring good fortune to your loved ones, family, at work. You will also become a spiritual sun for many other women.

      ❖ "NEPTUNARIUS – THE DIVINE LOVE" Do you remember how often you wanted to reconcile people who fight? Do you remember you wanted to bring warmth and unity to their relationships? It was in your family and with other people. Do you remember you wanted there to be peace all over the earth, for animals to live freely? This desire speaks of a special gift from the Planet Neptune - "the divine love." This planet has taken the position when women who have this gift are ready to reveal it. After that, an astral emerald flower of incredible beauty blossoms in the heart. Nobody has two similar flowers. The first thing that happens to such a woman is that she is blessed from above with cosmic love and finds her true partner in life. Such a woman in the family gives the strongest protection to her husband and children. The circulatory system and heart are healed. Such a woman discovers her life career, which benefits and helps many other people, and she becomes a true philanthropist.

      ❖ CEREMONY "JUPITER'S MIRROR WALL - "AMERETAT" The ceremony helps avoid sudden financial losses.
      Shamans have been using the magical properties of mirrors since ancient times.
      Mirrors protect their owner from evil intentions and envious looks.
      We use the Power of protective mirrors in the ceremony “Ameretat” to protect acquired property, an apartment from robbery, and a summer cottage from theft.
      This is an energy insurance for your finances and real estate.
      Unexpected breakdowns, car accidents or breakage of domestic appliances.

      Exclusive ritual:

      ❖ ASTRAL SURGERY "THE SACRED EYE OF AGARTHA" If you are reading these lines, it means that the Higher Spirits are leading you down the happiest possible road of life. We've been waiting for permission to do this since the moment we were born. The ancient legends of the women of power are becoming a reality. As we entered the Age of Aquarius, the Powers from Above identified the most worthy women whom they want to impart their sacred eye of wisdom and omniscience. The guide of Agartha will direct a beam to your eyebrow and connect you with the Eye of Agartha. This sacred ritual unlocks deep cosmic intuition, the skill of receiving a wise answer from above in any situation. The physical vision is healed. The vision of the soul is healed. The woman finds the path of her predestination. The woman meets her cosmic soul mate, a true divine partner, and finds a common language with him. With her presence on Earth, such a woman blesses the whole planet. After this ritual, you will be presented with a sacred ceremony which you can do at home on your own, illuminating your whole house, each of your loved ones and the entire Earth. We have been looking for you. We are waiting for you.
      How to prepare. Before this ritual, use a red pencil to put a dot in the area of the third eye. Say the following words while doing it: "I open my divine vision of Agartha".

      Each participant of the ANCIENT MYSTERY OF MEXICAN PYRAMIDS will receive a gift


      Our retreat tour is a preparation for the most important ritual, the "Treasures of Agartha," where all participants will be given a code of wealth, both material and spiritual. The seminar itself is meant to help you prepare for this ritual. The ritual "Treasures of Agartha," is free.

      This is how our retreats and seminars are:

      To prepare for the ANCIENT MYSTERY OF MEXICAN PYRAMIDS, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.